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{August 11, 2009}   Why I’m Me & Why Your You


When a creator or manufacturer creates a product, he let’s the intended use of the product determine the design of the product. So the fulfillment of it’s purpose is built into it. Purpose predicts the nature of something, and nature is that which a product or a person inherently is.
So when God creates men and women. He designs them to fulfill their function and gives them certain qualities an characteristics that enable them to perform His intended purpose. These abilities are yours before birth.

So your natural inclinations to socialize, or seek solitude, to make things with your hands, to sing, to dance, to write, artistic talents, teaching ability, or just your charming personality are part of your personality from the time God chose to make you and design you in a particular way. They relate to your purpose, which is a natural intimate part of who you are. You are designed for your purpose, you are PERFECT for your purpose.

Your purpose, abilities and your outlook on life can’t be separated, because your purpose determines how you will function, which in turn establishes how you are designed. To remove your purpose would be to change who you are, because your purpose both informs and reveals your nature and your abilities. Everything you naturally have and are is necessary for you to fulfill your purpose. Your race, skin color, language, physical features and intellectual capacity are all designed for you. And all the resources to obtain those things already inherently in you are here to hone and fine tune. Such as education, training and experience.

So this is why it is very important and essential that you never try to become like someone else. You can learn from others and should, but you must never become them. You can never fulfill your purpose without being yourself. Who and what you are is important and essential to why you are.

“Live well, live wisely, live humbly. It’s the way you live, not the way you talk, that counts.” James 3:13 (MSG)


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