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{August 24, 2014}   Accepting Schizo-Affective Disorder

My story – My experience:

Accepting Schizo-Affective Disorder: A Mother’s Most Difficult Challenge | Caregivers, Family & Friends


I appreciate your candor regarding your experiences with you family. I was diagnosed when I 40 as being bipolar. I also work for the Colorado state mental health institute. Not only do I suffer from a mental illness I am trying. To be an advocate for them through my job. I started writing a small blog but I am interested in this program you went through wth NAMI. I am opening myself up to new experiences and ways to help those of us that have mental illness.
ThAnk you for your time,
Deborah Mousten

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Sista42 says:

Good morning Deborah,

Firstly I apologize for you not receiving my reply sooner. I truly thought I replied and it was posted, technology is never 100%..

On another note I want to thank you for taking the time to read my story and submit your comment it means a lot. So many people suffer in silence and if in anyway I can lend my voice and experience in advocacy would be my offer.

As far as NAMI, NATIONAL ALLIANCE FOR MENTAL ILLNESS. Each state has one so you can go to their website and search for svcs in your area.

Wish well,
Sharon ☺


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