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{April 13, 2009}   Inspiring Others: The Value of Good and Bad Relationships!

On Sunday, April 12th, in the late afternoon, I began to receive several calls on my cell phone and home phone that I ignored. I was asleep after a long day of Easter related activities and a long weekend entertaining my son. As the calls increased, I decided to answer the phone and see what was going on. After a brief conversation with a close friend of mine, I was informed that my ex-girlfriend, her husband and their children had all died in in violent car crash earlier in the evening click here to read the story To say that I am still stunned and in disbelief would be an understatement!


As I fielded the many calls I received all night and into the early morning, confirming the worst fears of many, I am still trying to wrap my brain around this tragic accident and comprehend what has happend with barely two hours of sleep. I have been in touch with Delisia’s sister and after several conversations and thoughts, I now realize that Delisia and Rob have both served their purpose and god was ready to bring them both home.


Her former husband was the father of her daughter and is also a subscriber of ATLANTAHAPPS.COM. Myrio Lemons lost a beautiful, talented and outgoing daughter named Kayla, so please keep him in your prayers!

Her husband ( Robert "Robb" Carter ) was a friend of mine for over eight years and because of a chance meeting earlier last year, after Delisia and I went our separate ways, Robb and Delisa soon formed a relationship leading to marriage, that seemed to be one of great happiness. This union had also produced a child named Evan, who was four months old and Robb appeared to be elated that he had a child, was married and most of all had a son. Delisia also seemed to now have the perfect life that she had longed for and I was happy for her!


As I thought back on all the ups and downs Delisia and I went through and the many conversations that we had, I celebrated her success and her efforts to improve the lives of others, through her work in the community. Delisa had an enormous drive and although she herself had endured many failures and obstacles in her own life, she worked hard to create avenues and vehicles to help others "Soar like Eagles" and realize their dreams. She had an amazing drive, spirit and determination and would not take no for an answer!

As I close and listen to the rain outside, It is my hope that each of you reading this will understand that life is not promised to any of us and it is important to value relationships good and bad! The times we spend with people are times that we should use to love, learn and cherish the good and the bad, because these experiences are what ultimately shape us to become better individuals! Never take life for granted and as Delisia would say "Soar like the Eagles" ( click link to visit her site ).


Below is one of the last messages that Delisia sent to her subscribers, that I wanted to share with each of you, with hopes that it will inspire the eagle in you!


Good afternoon,


Today realize that you must be the change you want to see happen! Several months ago my mind for a moment thought the world was ending. My company had threats to lay me off, my car was wrecked, finances low, my relationship had ended with a man I wanted to believe was the one. I thought the world was ending until a good friend of mine said "Delisia quit being fearful & spoiled". He began to proclaim that I encourage everyone else yet, need to read some of my own emails and do a better job at encouraging myself and finding strength within me and only me.


You know what … He was right. That night I repented for all my doubt and started thanking God for all the gifts & blessings he placed in me. Just because my job was ending didn’t mean I was a bad employee it meant God had better in store for me, a car can always be replaced and relationships are to learn and grow from and sometimes are here for a reason or season until that lifetime mate comes for you. Many times we should appreciate our alone time. Eagle Connection, My TV Show and even me being on HGTV happened during my focused and alone time.


I also prayed. I prayed for God to remove anyone out of my life not for me, yet to still cover and bless them even if I’m not for them. I asked him that night to send the employment, purposes and the awesome lifetime husband he would have for me because I knew I had experienced the last heartbreak I would ever accept in life. I started giving thanks for the roof over my head, my healthy child, food on the table and even the husband God had in store for me and remembered God had never forsaken me and called me into greatness.


I realized I had to learn and not repeat past mistakes yet not feel sorry for myself either. I started walking as if I was the CEO & virtuous wife God called me to be as if it was already mine! Each morning I started looking in the mirror and declaring "I’m a magnet which attracts all great things"! God promises no good thing would he withhold from us!!!!


I refocused my energy on staying positive & moving forward. Once I shifted my mindset to remembering God created me for a great cause my entire world changed for the better. Positive thoughts began to create positive things. I got a career making more money 10 minutes from my home, the insurance company paid my car off and I recently upgraded to a better one and God sent the me the most wonderful husband in the world to soar in greatness & most importantly purpose together. Sometimes a storm comes before the blessing and we have to learn to arise above the problem to the promise!


Sometimes we make more out of little things than we should. Sometimes we forget who God created us to be. If we stay down we are not creating room for blessings and favor. However if you walk in faith, thankfulness and confidence of who you are created to be; you open the door to the windows of heaven and supernatural favor over your life. It’s up to us to create the success & happiness life has to offer. We must celebrate love & life each day!!!


So today realize life & death is in the power of the tongue, continue to speak life that you may live life to the fullest. Love yourself today! No matter what situation you may be facing, you will overcome it. Eagle’s soar! Realize God created you for an awesome purpose and when you realize who you are and what you were created for, that is when you will start to attract others who are great & recognize your greatness as well! When you start to move in purpose you always end up on the road to DESTINY.


Always stay Blessed to be a blessing,


Make a difference in the lives of others!


Vincent P. McCant, SCM, MBA
Founder & Publisher –



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